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Hi My Name is Craig and Welcome to My Site


My name is Craig Brown and welcome to my Web Page. I created this Web Page after taking a Web Page Design Class. I find it fun to make Web Pages, So this is my first web Page.
Let me tell you a little bit about My Self. I am a Senior at North St. Paul High School in MN. I am active in many activities such as Golf, Soccer, and i was also in Band (YUCK).
I am a big movie buff as you can see by my picture and background. I only watch the good movies (Comedies from 1970-1990) there are some good movies out now but they can't beat the classics.

Welcome to my site, I happen to center this around some of my favorite movies: Slap Shot, Vacation, Adventures in Baysitting, etc...
I hope that you find this site very informative.
Don't forget to take a look at the new Slap Shot Page it is under My Sports Page Links; click the My Slap Shot Page.

Fantasy Golf Pic

Some of my Best Buds are:
  • Jim Kopesky
  • Derek Hertz
  • Steve Seiberlich
  • Steve Byrne
  • Jeff Ford

  • The Scene From Animal House (Where we first meet Belushi)

    Coca-Cola Bottle

    I am currently writing a story(mostly dialogue). To get a sense of the Characters this is a Table of pictures showing who I somewhat I envision them as. It gives me a sense of what the character is like.

    Hank Stillman Walter Hollenbeck Allison Robbins Johnny Nash Francis Colander Les Dudis Saul Goode
    Graham Cavnot Jack Jackson Clark Finch Michael Hollitz Bill Swanson Steve the Bartender Jeff Thompson
    MFG Stan Hollenbeck Judy Freemont Fetch Nathan Gatter Mr. Gould Jefferson

    Thank You