King of the Hill

King of the Hill is a great show that first Aired on Jan. 12th 1997. Ever since then it has become an American Icon about a Family in Texas, lives in a town full of Rednecks. With his buddy's Dale Gribble, Boomhauer and Bill Dauterive. Hank on the other hand is a top notch Propane Salesman. He can't stand seen and electric stove or BBQ Grill. Leave it to Hank to have a Gas Stove and a Propane Grill.

Hanks family is pretty strange, with his Ultra Cocky Wife Peggy, His sluty niece Luann, His troubled boy Bobby, and his disturbed Father Cotton. So if I were Hank I would be leaving in Texas also (the only state where you would be considered normal.

The show really took off when the Hmong family moved in Next Door. They added a bit of spice to the show. Especially with Kahn's wise cracks at Hank. Especailly "You stupis Hillbilly".

Rating= 9 out of 10

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